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Fumigation Overview

Methyl bromide gas is the preferred fumigant in most countries due to its good penetrating ability, rapid action and toxicity to a wide range of pests and insects. Due to its lethality to humans, methyl bromide gas can only be applied by licensed fumigators who know the necessary precautionary measures to take to ensure that the process is performed safely.

Key components of Fumigation control include:

Here are the key advantages of effective Fumigation control:

Pest Eradication:

Methyl bromide is a highly effective fumigant that can penetrate wooden materials and eliminate a wide range of pests such as BSBM, including insects, larvae, and fungi. This helps ensure that the wooden packaging is free from potentially harmful organisms that could be transported across borders.

Global Compliance:

ISPM 15 is an international standard adopted by many countries to regulate the treatment of wooden packaging materials. Methyl bromide fumigation is recognized as an approved treatment method under ISPM 15, providing global compliance and facilitating the smooth movement of goods across borders without the risk of spreading pests.

Prevention of Invasive Species:

Wooden packaging materials, if not properly treated, can harbor and transport invasive pests to new regions. Methyl bromide fumigation helps prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species by ensuring that the wooden packaging is free from pests that could harm local ecosystems.

Preservation of Wood Quality:

Methyl bromide fumigation is a relatively quick process that does not leave residues or affect the physical properties of the wood. This allows for the preservation of the structural integrity and quality of the wooden packaging material, ensuring it remains suitable for its intended purpose after treatment.

Facilitates International Trade:

Adhering to ISPM 15 standards, including methyl bromide fumigation, facilitates the movement of goods in international trade, and that’s what countries such as Singapore are looking for. Many countries require that wooden packaging materials be treated in accordance with ISPM 15 to prevent the introduction of pests and protect their agricultural and forestry sectors.

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